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Bank4YOU is an international British company, headquartered in London, UK with representative offices across all Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Bank4YOU develops products and provides service solutions for clients who travel frequently and prefer an active and mobile lifestyle.  We are always glad to help our clients and strive to organize their financial routines in the most efficient and convenient ways. 

Today, Bank4YOU provides a unique card:

Student Prepaid Card

The student card is intended for personal use by students who are in Europe and gives them the ability to pay for their tuition at different European educational institutions. Students can also use the card to pay for personal expenses and finance grants.

Bank4YOU helps its customers forget about the bureaucracy that comes with opening an account at a bank and offers convenient time-saving procedures to get a card.

Our Company has agreements with international financial program managers and distributors to facilitate marketing and distribution of cards worldwide.

Bank4YOU has highly experienced and qualified employees who work for their customers to ensure that their lives are made easier.

Dear Client,

Welcome to our Bank4You website.
Our team of professionals created a truly helpful product for you – Student prepaid card with beneficial rates and fees on all card transactions, unified international fees despite the country. We value your time therefore have created easy procedure of getting a card with free of charge delivery. Wide range of card loading channels is another significant key benefit of our card.
Hope our Student prepaid reloadable card will help you and you will enjoy it day by day.

Let’s start our long-term perspective cooperation.

Sincerely yours,
Bank4You Team

Dear Prospective Agents,

“Bank4YOU” is an international British company. We offer you the chance to become an agent and sign an agreement with “B4U Card Solutions Limited” for the marketing and selling of Bank4YOU prepaid cards to your customers. Our company offers you attractive and profitable terms which are reasonable in financial partnerships.
Our Сard has beneficial rates and fees on all card transactions, regardless of the country and it has wide range of loading options from all around the world. We can also offer the easy procedure of getting a card and have it delivered for free. Being our agent will not bear any financial risks.
So, feel free to accept our uniquely superb offer. Let’s build our joint business partnership together!

Sincerely yours,
Bank4You Team