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Terms of Cooperation

  • What are the benefits of cooperation with Bank4You?
  • Extra income;
  • Expanding market share;
  • Improving of competitiveness;
  • No additional investments;
  • Business diversification;
  • Free marketing.
  • What are the conditions of cooperation with Bank4You?

You can order prepaid cards, which are the European payment instrument for their further distribution to your customers. The cooperation starts after your registration on our website.

  • Who can become an agent?

Legal entities and individuals (aged 18 and older).

  • How to become an agent?

You need to register on our website and accept all terms of the agent’s agreement.

  • What is Agent’s online account?

It is agent’s online cabinet, where one can order cards and see all the necessary information about the orders.

  • How to place an order?

You can place an order by contacting company’s call center or in your Agent’s online account after registration. You can order cards in GBP/EUR.

  • What are the limitations for card ordering?

You can order minimum 5 cards – maximum 200 cards.

  • What is the card sales period?

30 calendar days from the moment of delivery of the cards (with prolongation possibility).

  • What are the Card selling procedures?

The general concept of card sales is following: agents purchase cards from the company and sell them to their clients for their own set price. 30-days sales period for selling of ordered cards is also set, from the date of card receiving, with the possibility of prolongation.
A full description of procedures for card selling you can review after the registration at the Agent’s online account.

  • What is Prolongation?

You can use the prolongation function in order to continue the card-selling period, this function can be used twice within a single order.

  • What is Refund?

In the process of cooperation, you can use this feature if you didn’t sale all ordered cards. In this case, all your expenses for the shipment and the cost of cards will be returned to you.

  • Is there any age restriction for card obtaining?

Minimum age for card obtaining is 18 years.

  • Is it possible to use the card before arriving in the UK and Europe?

Yes, you can use a Card after activation regardless of the geographical location.

  • How can client activate a Card?

- Go to Private account;

- Use button “Activate now”;

- At the verification tab attach scanned copies of ID document and proof of address document;

- Complete your personal questionnaire;

- Go to Activate a Card section and fill a full card number and card ID. 

  • How to get Bank4You VISA card PIN?

To get PIN code for the card client should use function “Get Card PIN” in the private account, in this case PIN code will be displayed online.

  • How much are the Card fees?

Use following link to check the fees link.

  • Does the card support international Internet transactions?

Yes. Card supports all types of online transactions.

  • Are there any country limitations for card issuing?

We offer our Bank4You VISA cards worldwide except the following countries and its citizens:

- Afghanistan – Myanmar (formerly Burma) – Central African Republic – Democratic Republic of the Congo - Ivory Coast – Eritrea – Guinea-Bissau – Guinea (Republic of Conakry) – Haiti – Iran – Iraq – Lebanon – Liberia – Libya – North Korea – Somali – South Sudan – Sudan – Syria – USA – Tunisia – Yemen – Zimbabwe

  • How many Cards can the client hold at once?

Client can order one card in each currency for himself and one card in each currency for a third party.

  • How can Bank4You card be loaded?

Channels for card loading:

- Card transfer;
- From e-wallets;

- Wire transfer;

- PaiPoint (UK only).

Use the following link. to check the card loading channels.

  • Is there a limit to the amount of money that can be added to the card?

A complete list of card limits, you can find on our website, link.

  • How can clients know the balance/transaction history of the Card?

Client can check card balance/transaction history in his personal account.

  • What should client do if the Card is lost or stolen?

Client should block his/her card immediately. In the personal account: choose option “Lock”. Or call Company’s Call-Center phone to block the Card.

  • What should client do if he/she forgot Card PIN?

In the personal account choose section “Prepaid card”, choose card and press option “Get Card PIN”.

  • How can the Card be blocked?

In the personal account choose option “Lock”. Or call Company’s Call-Center phone to block the Card.

  • What is card validity period?

Card is valid for 3 years.

  • What is the process of card verification?

Card verification process is fully described at our website on the link.

  • What are the types of verification?

We will ask you to provide us the same types of the documents for the Primary and Secondary verifications. There is a difference in the way these documents are delivered to us. You can find additional information herebelow.

Primary Verification 1+1

  • one scanned copy of your identity document;
  • one scanned copy of any official document that confirms your residential/registration   address;
  • completed electronic Personal Questionnaire form (standard type of verification for most of the countries).

Primary Verification 2+2

  • two scanned copies of your identity document;
  • two scanned copies of a different official document confirming your residential/registration address;
  • completed electronic Personal Questionnaire form (standard type of verification for some countries, with additional confirmation of client’s legitimacy).

Secondary Verification 1+1

  • notarized scanned copy of any document that confirms your identity;
  • the original official document that confirms your residential/registration address;
  • completed paper Personal Questionnaire form (standard type of verification for some countries, with additional confirmation of client’s legitimacy).

Secondary Verification 2+2

  • two notarized copies of different documents that confirm your identity;
  • two original official documents that confirm your residential/registration address;
  • completed paper Personal Questionnaire form (this type of verification is applicable for countries with high rate of fraud).

Please review our verification rules carefully to ensure verification process on time.  

  • What are the requirements for documents verification?


Copy of your ID must be:

  • valid for another 6 months;
  • performed in Latin characters;
  • include your photograph, date of birth, a serial number and issue/expiration dates.

It could be:

  • passport;
  • driving License (both sides);
  • national ID (both sides);
  • government issued documents with the photograph..

We do accept color scanned copies of the documents of good quality. We do accept the following file formats: jpg/jpeg/bmp/gif/png.

Please provide us with certified translation of the documents if originally they are not in Russian, English, French or Czech.

For the purpose of Secondary verification, this document should be notarized. If you don't have such a possibility in your country you have to print the personal application with all personal details. You have to sign and notarize this document.

The personal application should be attached to the copy of your document.


The proof of address should be at the applicant's name (we cannot accept documents with any other name than your own)*.

*As an exception we can approve documents with the family name on it (subject to the management decision).

The proof of address should have the same address you provided during the registration. The proof of address should be completed and contain the postal code.

The proof of address should be not older than 90 days if you upload it via online account and not older than 60 days if sent via regular mail. This could be a utility bill or bank statement with your name; we cannot accept bills from mobile operators due to current legal requirements. The original bank statement has to be certified: to be stamped as a true copy by the issuing bank.

Please provide us with a certified translation of the documents if originally they are not in Russian, English, French, German or Czech.

  • What is a certified document?

A certified translation is a translation signed and dated by a professional translator who has given a professional oath in a court of law.

  • How long the verification process will take?

The verification process takes up to 48 hours from the receipt of documents. 

  • What is the fee for card loading?

General fee for card loading from all possible sources is 3,00 EUR/3,00 GBP. Additional commissions from acquiring bank can also apply.

  • How long does the process of card loading usually take?

- Bank Transfer

SWIFT payment takes up to 5 business days;

- Money transfer 


- Between Bank4You prepaid cards

Funds will be credited within 24 hours;

- Transfer from an authorized e-wallet 

Within our business hours on a weekday.

  • What kind of limitations and requirements apply to e-money at Bank4You card?

To be able to use the e-money systems, our customers should be authorized in these systems and have a certain e-wallet status. Also, the balance of the e-wallet should be sufficient to make a transfer.

  • What e-wallets are Bank4You partners?

Company accepts transfers from the following e-money systems:


Visa QIWI Wallet - USD, EUR

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Welcome to our Bank4You website.
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