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How to use a card

Cards are accepted worldwide: All types of ATM, POS and worldwide online transactions are available.

Easy to activate:

1) log-in to your online account

2) verify email address and mobile phone

3) attach scanned copies or photos of required documents

4) complete personal questionnaire 

5) fill-in the card number and card ID

6) press “Get Card PIN”- check your PIN code online

7) choose how you want to deposit money onto your card:

  • wire transfer
  • card-to-card online transfer
  • e-wallet
  • cash money transfer
  • Pay Point (for UK)

8) enjoy available operations:

  • ATM cash withdrawals worldwide
  • POS purchases worldwide
  • e-commerce, Internet transactions
  • money transfers to other B4U cards.

Payment Conditions  

For your convenience, you may choose one of the following payment methods:

- Direct transfer (card payment);

- PayPal;

- SWIFT (cash payment).

The amount may vary depending on the payment method.

Charges and Fees:

  1. Price per one Prepaid Card is 25 EUR or 20 GBP (subject to the currency of the card);
  2. Payment for the Prepaid Card must be made in USD;
  3. The invoice shall be issued taking into account price for each Prepaid Card (see para 1 above), rates of exchange for conversion to USD (if applicable) and sales and promotions offered by B4U CARD SOLUTIONS Limited;
  4. The payment is complete when it is received in full in cleared funds into our nominated account, as above. Once you have paid for the Order, you will receive a sample confirmation letter. Alternatively, you will be notified that the payment has failed;
  5. The payment date is the day of the receipt of the funds by B4U CARD SOLUTIONS Limited;
  6. Payment must be made during 10 business days from the date the Order is placed with B4U CARD SOLUTIONS Limited.

Order Refund Policy:

  1. Any refund request must be send to within 10 calendar days since the delivery, giving the reasons and evidences, as below.
  2. Subject to para 1, 3 and 4, customer shall be entitled to the refund only if:
  • the Order has not been delivered within 30 business days after the payment date;
  • the Prepaid Card(s) delivered do not correspond with the description; or
  • the Prepaid Card(s) and/or mailer(s) delivered are not satisfactory quality* and not suitable for the purpose.
  1. After careful consideration of the request, B4U CARD SOLUTIONS Limited will send a letter approving or disapproving the refund, giving the reasons. The decision should be issued in 14 calendar days after delivery of all the required information and evidences.
  2. Unless otherwise agreed, in order to obtain the refund, the customer must arrange for the return of the Prepaid Cards to the given address by us and the cost of such delivery shall not be refunded to the customer.

* includes obvious physical defects caused either by manufacturer or by the delivery currier, but not caused or contributed by acts or negligence of customer. Evidence of physical damage of the card and mailer: photo / video file of parcels’ unpacking on the day of delivery to the customer.

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